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Be a Dharti Saathi with us

About the Volunteer Program

With rapid consumerism and environmental degradation, our world is facing a climate crisis and losing its colours. We need to take urgent action. Awareness and action are the pillars of our programs as awareness leads to action and thus behaviour change. 

Our School-based Environmental Learning Program is aimed to REVIVE and RESTORE the lost colours of nature and fight the CLIMATE CRISIS with the support of a cadre of Dharti Saathis (volunteers), who create awareness and expedite climate action in our partner communities. Here is an opportunity for Mumbai's environment lovers, including graduate students, homemakers, professionals and retired professionals to become a Dharti Saathi with us by serving as a part-time facilitator for our Environmental Learning Program. 
The volunteers are placed as facilitators, for one academic year, in a classroom between grades 2 to 9. Our classrooms range from low to middle-income schools and private schools . They facilitate activities from our modules and undertake climate action through our My Environment My Responsibility Campaign.

About the Modules

Our interactive and experiential school-based program enables children to build a deep connection with nature, and get sensitised toward environmental issues through our modules.

Know Your environment Cover.png

Know your Environment

Impact of Waste Cover.png

Impact of Waste on Environment & Health

Relationship with Waste Cover.png

Relationship with Waste

Know your waste Cover.png

Know your Waste

About our Campaign

Our action-based campaign My Environment My Responsibility enables children to directly take action in their community. We even encourage interested volunteers to design and implement a school or community-based problem-solving project focussing on climate action.
Our first cohort will begin in Mumbai in June 2022.

Since 2020, we have digitally piloted the program with 20 classrooms. In 2022, the program shall be implemented with Mumbai schools.

Who are we looking for

We look for individuals who wish to fight the climate crisis and environmental injustice. We look for individuals with a devout commitment to the cause and program and a desire to develop their leadership skills through this long-term volunteering program.

We invite Dharti Sathis with facilitation, critical thinking, problem-solving, interpersonal and communication skills. In addition, they should be willing to learn, grow and create change.

To be eligible, you must have graduated with a minimum of a Bachelor's degree by June/July 2022 or in your third or fourth year of graduation with an unparalleled passion for an environmental cause.


Why you should join

By joining this program you will get to:

  • Do something for our very own Dharti by nurturing Earth Leadership among young minds

  • Work with some dynamic changemakers to collectively make India proud, healthy and safe

  • Deepen your understanding of environmental and climatic issues

  • Sharpen your leadership skills and prepare yourself to work in this sector if that is your calling

  • Enjoy the outdoors with children and be eligible to get rewarded with your class

The Selection Process


Be a Dharthi Saathi with us

  • I am a college student. Can I apply?
    We look for graduates and individuals with work experience and a commitment towards our cause. We will consider exceptional applications from college students in their 3rd and 4th year of graduation. In the first two years of graduation, write to us to engage in other volunteering opportunities.
  • I am passionate about the environment but do not know what kind of activities I will be expected to conduct. Will you support me?
    Our program has pre-designed modules that the volunteers will be required to implement. In addition, we train the volunteers to familiarise them with the program. We will also provide ongoing support to clarify any doubts and challenges. Moreover, the application stage will help us understand if you have the basic skills required to help implement the program.
  • I have never taught children; will I be able to facilitate?
    The application stage will help us understand if you have the basic skills required to implement our modules. Then, we will train you on various skills and conceptual elements before you can start facilitating. You shall attend our ongoing training sessions to gain skills and clarify doubts. If you are committed and have good communication skills, you will do well.
  • How much will I have to travel? Is the travelling cost covered?
    We try to place volunteers in schools where their travel time will be minimal. However, this may not always be possible, and in such a situation, we will only finalise your school after you confirm.Unfortunately, we do not reimburse travel costs. We will look into this on a case to case basis.
  • Will I have to provide learning material to the students?
    All the Information, Education and Communication (IEC) material will be provided to you for the smooth implementation of the program. The material for your reference will be in digital format, while the material you will need for the class will be in either physical or digital format.
  • What resources will I need to implement the program?
    We mention ‘Materials Required’ in all our activities, and they are easy to find in school and at home. You will require a personal laptop for certain audiovisual activities unless the school offers an AV room.
  • Will I receive a certificate?
    On completion of the program, we will provide you with a certificate. No certificates are awarded if you fail to complete the program. We will encourage you to re-apply for next year.
  • Will I be paid for being a facilitator?
    This is a volunteer program, and we do not offer any stipend or honorarium. We encourage volunteers to manage with simple and locally available resources for any additional activity. We do not encourage volunteers to undertake expensive activities.If any volunteer chooses to extend their projects to the local community, they are encouraged to apply for funding to GFI with a project proposal.
  • Is Saturday fixed, or can I go to the school on any other day to implement the program?
    Schools are busy completing regular coursework during the week. As a result, Saturdays are primarily free for extracurricular activities.
  • How many children will I work with?
    Class size varies from school to school. As per our knowledge, the rule for maximum class size is 35. However, due to the lack of teachers in schools, some classes may have more students. In a situation where there are more than 50 children in a class, we will try and place a co-facilitator with you.
  • Which language will I need to facilitate in?
    In most of our participating schools, English is a medium of instruction. However, we may expect a few Hindi medium schools to join. Learners are often at different levels of English proficiency. Volunteers will need to be proficient in English and have knowledge of Hindi. Knowledge of Marathi can help you engage with the community.
  • I have a full-time job and have a busy schedule, but I want to participate. How much time do I need to prepare?
    We encourage you to look at your commitments before applying for our program. If this seems like a big commitment for you, but you still want to contribute, write to us to know about other short-term volunteering opportunities.
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