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Dharti Saathi


With rapid consumerism and environmental degradation, our world is facing a climate crisis and losing its colours. We need to take urgent action. Awareness and action are the pillars of our programs as awareness leads to action and thus behaviour change. 

For creating awareness, we have designed a school-based Environmental Learning Program to REVIVE and RESTORE the lost colours of nature and fight the CLIMATE CRISIS with the support of a cadre of Dharti Saathis who create awareness and expedite action in our partner communities. 

Our interactive and experiential school-based program enables children to build a deep connection with nature, and get sensitised toward environmental issues from a waste lens through our modules. The themes of our modules are:

Know Your environment Cover.png

Know your Environment

Impact of Waste Cover.png

Impact of Waste on Environment & Health

Relationship with Waste Cover.png

Relationship with Waste

Know your waste Cover.png

Know your Waste

We have an action-based component through our My Environment My Responsibility Campaign. This helps children to directly take action in their community.

Through this program, a Dharti Saathi (volunteer), is placed in our partner schools. These volunteers facilitate our module implementation with students and encourage them to solve some local problem. This, we do by collaborating with various stake holders in the local community.

Since 2020, we have digitally piloted the program with 20 classrooms. The program is being implemented in Mumbai and Kolkata. Our program is implemented in selected classrooms from partner schools and organisations such as Akanksha Foundation, Educo, Shree Dayanand Balak, Balika Vidyalay, Future Hope, and some Teach for India classrooms.  


If you are a school looking to start your climate action journey, write to us at and our team will get in touch with you.


Interested in volunteering for the program?

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