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Dharti Sakhi

The issue of sanitary waste caused by single-use menstrual products is causing a threat to our natural world. Based on our conservative estimates, each menstruator generates about 100kgs of sanitary waste in their lifetime (considering a 30-year menstrual period). A recent study has found that 113,000 tonnes (11.3 crore kgs) of waste from sanitary napkins reach Indian landfills each year.

This waste also negatively impacts the waste workers as they have to deal with it daily. Our comprehensive module on Sustainable Menstrual Health and Hygiene creates awareness among diverse groups of menstruators and provides them with support and alternative solutions to wasteful sanitary pads and tampons. So far we have reached 650 women through training and sessions.

We have conducted sessions for organisations such as Lotus Rescue, Ektara, Stree Mukti Sanghatana, Anubhav Pratishthan and MG Motor and a few housing societies. 

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Our program is designed to be delivered in two formats:


1. Train the trainer (for schools and NGOs): Workshops for the facilitators of your organisation, to spread awareness about sustainable menstrual health practices. This is for any organisation with more than 400-500 beneficiaries and those willing to do continued awareness programs within in their community.

2. Awareness program for menstruators: Workshop on sustainable menstrual health and hygiene practices for women, adolescents and transgender individuals. This approach is best suited for smaller beneficiary size or where your organisation does not have dedicated facilitators for the subject.

Get in touch with us to build awareness on sustainable menstruation and empower many Dharti Sakhis.

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 Sanitary (hazardous) Waste reduction at source  (by shifting to reusable menstrual products)

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