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Campaigns and Clean-up Drives

By participating in campaigns and clean-up drives citizens can see immediate results and see visible changes in their local areas. Clean-ups serve as catalysts for permanent changes in attitudes and behaviour. They are a conversation starter to encourage the adoption of sustainable practices that can have a long-lasting and impactful effect on the community and its waste management practices. Our campaigns and clean-up drives aim to bring people together to enable them to ultimately move towards sustainable choices that lead to climate action.


We have conducted 3 online campaigns to commemorate Earth Day and World Environment Day and several offline campaigns. Through our online campaigns, we nudge people to take climate action by giving them prompts, and engaging them through content and interaction.

Our ElseWear campaign created awareness about the adverse impact of fast fashion and promoted the usage of pre-loved clothing. We did this by encouraging people to share photos of their pre-loved clothing with us and we featured them on a weekly basis. We named it ElseWear to help people find a new home from their pre-loved clothing elsewhere. Details of the campaign are included in the ‘Climate literacy Beyond the Written Word’ Ebook by Earth Day Network.  

Some of our recent campaigns 

Copy of ElseWear.png
We stand on what we stand for Online campaign (1).png

Newsletter for the ‘We stand for what we stand on’

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