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Mahad Community

In 2020, we initiated a community-based project in Birwadi, Khalij and Asanpoi villages in Mahad, with an aim to create zero waste communities. We partnered with local NGO Anubhav Pratishthan. While the project was intended to ensure segregation and management of wet and dry waste, our operations were restricted due to the pandemic. Moreover, we had limited local governing body support, which restricted our work on community-level waste management. 

Despite the challenges die to the pandemic, we were able to:

  • Conduct awareness session on segregation

  • Conduct composting workshops for 15 Self Help Groups (SHG). A total of 150 households joined the composting program 

  • Enabled SHGs to  compost approximately 20000 kgs of wet waste 

  • Trained 9 SHG and helped  repurpose discarded materials to create valuable products

This project was funded by Astec Lifesciences.

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