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Low-Value Plastics Collection

Low-value plastics (LVP)* and multi-layered packaging (MLP)** are, as their name suggests, of little or no value to most recyclers. They are voluminous, lightweight and very hard to recycle. When thrown along with regular garbage these end up in the landfill or burnt to create space for more garbage. Hence, we either see the landfills expanding at an alarming rate or a severe increase in AQI levels of pollution.

We understand the importance of leading a sustainable and conscious lifestyle and have better systemic solutions such as refill stations. Until the FMCG companies switch to sustainable packaging, which will take some time, we need to manage the current waste responsibly. 

When collected in bulk, these plastics can be processed into poly (plastic) fuel, sent for co-processing (combustion source in cement kilns), or used in making plastic roads and paver blocks. GFI believes that the solutions need to be localised, as transporting costs increase the carbon footprint. 

Keeping this in mind, GFI in Gurgaon collaborated with the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) to raise awareness by collecting  LVP and MLP from communities and sending it for use in making plastic roads. The plastics are melted with the bitumen to make waterproof and durable roads. Our goal is to ensure that little or no plastic is sent to the landfill. 

In Mumbai, kiosks have been set up to collect PET bottles and Tetrapaks.

Our Kolkata chapter recently launched the 'My Para My Pride' campaign to help communities manage waste. Connect with us here to start your community's dry waste management journey and set up collection systems for your low-value plastic and dry waste. Sign Up or write to us at to know more.



The Gurgaon project has spread to over 27 different condominiums and societies including Magnolias, Aralias, South City, Nirvana, and Exotica. In Mumbai, there are many individuals and societies from South Mumbai who are committed to recycling their LVP and MLP for further processing. The residents collect clean and dry mixed plastics separately and GFI’s recycler collects them on a weekly basis.

Through this program, as of May 2022, GFI has managed to divert over 50,000 kgs of plastic from the landfills and send them for further processing.

*Low-Value Plastic (LVP) -This includes single-use plastics such as noodle packets, non-woven fabric/bags (Polypropylene), poly bags, thermocol, and more.
**Multi-Layer Packaging (MLP) - A composite packaging material made from layers of two or three different materials including plastics and aluminium. This includes sachets, biscuit and chips wrappers and more.


If you would like to know more or are interested in joining this initiative, please write to us at 

We plan to extend our program to other cities in Delhi NCR and are currently looking for transport and recycling partners. Please connect with us if you are able to assist in this program.

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