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The Milk Bag Project

Milk bags are a product of daily use. An average family generates between 180g - 250g of milk bags per month. Due to the poor disposal of these, our beaches, nullahs, and drains get choked! The little triangular snips of plastic, which people cut off and mindlessly discard, find their way into our water bodies and cause extreme damage to marine life.

The Milk Bag Project is a collaboration between Har Ghar Hara Ghar, Clean Mumbai Foundation and Garbage Free India. It started in buildings from Cuffe Parade, Mumbai and neighbouring localities in 2019 and has spread nationwide with a few citizen-run regional chapters. 

The project creates awareness of cutting, cleaning, and storing milk bags through a video. This is followed by collection and recycling. The recyclers convert the milk bags into other products such as bins, buckets, and mugs.

Participating establishments/buildings are recognised for their involvement.

In Mumbai our participants include

45 Societies

120 Individuals & small eateries

15 Organizations

Since 2021, we have added seven new self-sustaining local chapters. These chapters are located in:

  • Bengaluru

  • Delhi

  • Kolkata

  • Dahisar

  • Hyderabad

  • Chennai

  • Chandigarh


Get in touch at to participate through our local chapters or to start a regional chapter in another city.

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